The screening took place during Local Filmmakers Night, a bi-monthly event held by Access Humboldt and filmHUMBOLDT.

After an emotional speech, where she thanked her dedicated crew, many of whom attended the event, Matteoli premiered some behind the scene clips, interviews with the crew, and trailers of the new feature. Matteoli began the screening with a clip from her short Love, Humboldt, where the core crew of The Wine of Summer first worked together.

Matteoli’s film, which was shot, in part, in Barcelona, Spain, was completed with a budget of 1.3 million dollars just a few months ago. Funding for the film came entirely from Humboldt County, and primarily from female investors.

At the end of the screening, Matteli answered questions from the audience about the filming process, budget, script, and more. “Filming in Spain was definitely fun,” answered Matteoli when asked what her favorite part was.

A reception at Access Humboldt’s Community Media Center followed at the end of the night.